Philosophy & Values

At The Parenting Centre, we have enormous respect for the people with whom we work. We do not use a “medical model” and do not seek to label anyone. We see counselling as an opportunity for people to get in touch with their own power to create a life of joy and peace.  We believe seeking counselling is a sign of strength, and a sign of dedication to making your life the very best it can be. 





    Why The Parenting Centre Exists

    Through a lifetime of advocating for children, Dr. Bob saw the need to establish a centre dedicated to assisting and empowering children and young people, by helping parents access their tremendous power. Dr. Bob’s work with individual adults and couples is aimed at assisting people to listen to their own “inner child”, and treat themselves with love and respect.



      The Parenting Centre Core Values

      • Each young person is unique and should be celebrated for who they are.
      • All beings are entitled to be treated with dignity, respect and honour, and to live free from violence of any kind.
      • Young people who are different or don’t “fit in” are not “sick”.
      • Behavioural diversity is as positive to our world as cultural or ethnic diversity.
      • Young people’s voices deserve to be heard and taken seriously.
      • Barring absolute medical necessity, young people should not be given drugs until they are capable of giving informed consent.
      • Parents are not the “problem” but can often be the “solution”.
      • Even after separation, parents remain the most important people in their children’s lives and it is up to them to make the co-parenting regime work.


      The Parenting Centre Model

      Parenting is the major factor in how we develop. Traditional parenting has created a world of adults who are anxious, have poor self-esteem, have difficulty forming lasting relationships, and are always looking for things to change before they can be happy. The Parenting Centre’s non-traditional model is about embracing “what is” instead of always wanting something different, and helping clients to find peace and happiness.


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