Dr. Bob believes that people who seek out the services of psychologists are the strongest and healthiest people on the planet. He is proud that he has attended with psychologists several times in his own life, out of his personal commitment towards understanding himself and his children.

Seeing a psychologist is similar to going to the gym. In general, people who go to the gym are stronger and fitter, and they go because they are committed to their health. It’s the same with psychotherapy. And even after being a therapist for more than 30 years, Dr. Bob still is learning and growing from his daily contact with the people with whom he has the pleasure to work.

In terms of approach, Dr. Bob is strongly “humanistic” and supports the work of Carl Rogers, the founder of “client centered therapy”. Rogers believed that clients have everything they need to deal with their challenges and achieve their goals, and the therapist is merely a facilitator. Dr. Bob has likened his work to that of the sherpas who help people climb mountains in the Himalayas. The journey belongs to the client, and the client knows what they want and how they experience it. Dr. Bob may know some good paths up the “mountain” to make the climb easier and more rewarding.


Dr. Bob works with many individuals who want to understand themselves, their relationships and their families better. The desire for individual therapy may come from wanting assistance to meet challenges, and / or personal growth and self knowledge.

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Individual therapy with children, which can take the form of play with younger children, is often very helpful to their self-esteem. Dr. Bob believes children should have control over as much of their lives as possible, and that talking with him should be their choice. It is not imperative that Dr. Bob work directly with the child for the therapy to be beneficial. The main changes typically come from parents approaching things differently.

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Couples / Relationship

Dr. Bob has over three decades of experience working with couples. The goal of couples counselling is for each individual to gain greater insight into the dynamics of the relationship, and clarity on how they want to proceed. At the end of the counseling each individual will hopefully feel a greater sense of happiness and peace, whether the relationship continues or not.

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Not surprisingly, a focus of The Parenting Centre is parenting! Using the unique Parenting Centre model, Dr. Bob helps parents get in touch with their enormous power to resolve challenges, move towards joyful and peaceful parenting, and raise happy children with strong self-esteem.

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Human beings are complex, and for that reason family dynamics are very powerful and complicated. Dr. Bob has many years of experience in providing Family Therapy, and he has also taught Family Therapy and Family Systems Theory to masters and doctoral students. Family Therapy at The Parenting Centre moves away from blame and identifying someone as “the problem” and moves towards open communication, respect and love for all family members.

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