Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob JacobsDr. Bob Jacobs was born in New York City and, although he's an Australian citizen, he still has quite an accent! Dr. Bob started out his career as a basketball coach and high school teacher. He increasingly found his counselling skills with young people were far better than his skills at coaching winning teams, and found himself pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist.

Dr. Bob began practicing as a therapist in 1981, after many years working in this field he decided to pursue law as a second career. The decision to become a lawyer was motivated by a desire to be an even stronger advocate for young people, and to use the legal system to bring about individual change and change in public policy.

Dr. Bob has been providing psychology and mediation services through The Parenting Centre since 2009 and recently earned his legal principal's certificate in order to establish his own law firm, Change Law. Change Law exists so Dr. Bob can offer his services free of charge to children, or victims of human rights violations.

Despite having a very successful career, Dr. Bob's greatest personal life experience was raising two of his three children as a single parent.  Parenting is Dr. Bob's personal focus as well as his professional focus.

Dr. Bob is a big sports fan, following mostly American sports (football, baseball and basketball). He is also an avid scuba diver and his diving has taken him to many amazing places in the world.

Favorite Food – Peaches
Favorite Bev –  Pepsi Max
Favorite Performers – Archie Roach, and Phil Ochs
Favorite Song - Native Born by Archie Roach
Favorite Colour –  Maroon
Favorite Memory – My son being born 45 minutes before my own birthday

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Rochana BellRochana has come to join The Parenting Centre family in February 2018, as their Office Manager. A local girl at heart has spent a few years calling beautiful British Columbia her home and has now moved back with her husband, Sean and pupper, Dallas.  

When not at work Rochana can be found practising yoga, climbing mountains and running on the beach with her boys.  

Favourite food: Nannie's perogies

Favourite beverage: a glass of bubbles

Favourite Band: Matt Corby 

Favourite Colour: Aqua

Favourite Memory: Jumping off the pier with my husband after exchanging our vows. 



IMG 6717Sarah was born and raised in Brisbane, and has been living on the Sunshine Coast for 9 years. Sarah has always maintained a keen interest in the relationships between people, and the unique qualities of each individual person; fascinated by the intricate differences that exist between us all. In the playground, she was the child trying to convince everyone to be friends. Perplexed as to why this wasn’t the case, Sarah made it her mission to discover why. This mission led her to working in multiple fields, gradually honing in on Psychology specifically; from retail, market research, and coaching children’s sport, to youth work, correctional services, education, disability, child safety, and finally private practice. Throughout this journey, Sarah discovered the same answer as Bob, that each person is unique and should be celebrated for who they are. As such, she provides an holistic and relationship focused approach to supporting individuals and families, geared toward each individual’s needs.

While the journey to becoming a Psychologist has been a highlight in Sarah’s life, her greatest accomplishment thus far has been creating her own family, which she is well in throes of at present, with a toddler and a baby at home.

Sarah is also a competitive dancer, and can sometimes be spotted doing performances at local events.

Favorite Food – chocolate (though currently dairy free)
Favorite Bev –  coffee
Favorite Performers – Florence and the Machine
Favorite Song - Overjoyed by Matchbox 20, because she walked down the isle to this
Favorite Colour –  Yellow
Favorite Memory – My sons being born





DallasDallas is the most loveable lab. He was born in December of 2016 in the snowy Okanagan, B.C. 

Dallas is responsible for meeting and greeting, giving kisses, getting tummy rubs, fetching the ball and making everyone smile. 

In Dallas's spare time he enjoys swimming in the ocean or any amount of water, playing with the ball constantly and running with his humans. 

Favourite food: Salmon

Favourite Beverage: Pupaccino

Favourite Band: City and Colour (namesake)

Favourite Memory: Sliding down the ski hill on his belly as a pup.